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Ward History

Add your testimony and experiences to our annual Ward History

Dear Pioneer Ward Member

Every year we turn in a Ward History to the Stake President. He in turn sends it to The Church History Department in Salt Lake. This is in keeping with the Lords commandment to “Continue in writing and making a history of all the important things...concerning my church....And also, my servants who are abroad in the earth should send forth the accounts of their stewardships” (D&C 69:3,5)

As with our pioneer ancestors it is important to keep records of our time and the remarkable events taking place around us and the affect they have on our lives. This year has been vastly different than any other and we would like to include testimonies, experiences, and things ward members have learned/experienced and are willing to share in the History we turn in.

The following are some possible topics:

Share your testimony in writing.

How have you carried out your ward callings?

How has this past year affected your life spiritually and otherwise?

How have members of your family been changed by having the Sacrament in their homes?

What are the challenges and successes you have had?

How have your priorities been reset?

How has your use of technology changed?

If you are willing to share, I would greatly appreciate it.


Lorelei Dickamore

Ward History Specialist

Ward History: Text

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Ward History: Testimonial Form
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